Friday Prayers

This is friday.. The muslim’s men are pray in mosque for friday prayers. When first azan has been reverberate, and the preacher take the pulpit,  if you watching, there’s still people on the road. Many muslim’s men don’t know or they are underestimate – i don’t know – the khutbah. Whereas, khutbah is a part of friday prayers. So, if they miss it, they just doing a half of the prayers. Can we do pray of zuhur just two rak’ahs?


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Searching Name

It’s been long time I’m not write in this blog.. Honestly I miss this, but I’m too lazy to write.. 😦
My new story is I’m pregnant. Alhamdulillah.. Not really new story actually, because I’m in 8 months way of pregnant now 😀 . This is my second pregnancy. The first one I lost my baby, his name is Rafif Atallah, means a good boy, gift from Allah.
I was searching for my second baby, the doctor said the baby is a girl, Alhamdulillah 😀 . I don’t know why, but finding her name is not easy as I thought, not as easy as finding Rafif’s name.
I hope I will find a good and beautiful name for her, insha Allah.. ♥

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♥ Rasulullah ♥

This is the story about our beloved Muhammad. I got this from the lecture before tarawih.

After Rasulullah pbuh died, Abu Bakar asked Aisha what did Muhammad’s charity that he didn’t do yet. So, Aisha said that Rasulullah like to feed a blind old man at the market. Then Abu Bakar thinks that “that’s easy”. So, tomorrow, he prepare the food and go to the market. He search the old man to the place that Aisha indicated him. When he found the old man, he was surprise that the blind old man screaming cursing Muhammad. He was really angry, but he still give the food, and feeding him. But the old man throw the food, he said, “you are not the same man that feed me everyday.”
“The man that feed me is so gentle.”
“Where is he?”
Abu Bakar said “the man that feed you everyday has pass away, he is the man that you curse, he’s Muhammad.”
After hear that, the old man crying, then he said “Asyhaduallaa ilaahaillallah.. Wa asyhaduanna Muhammadarrasulullah..”


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Two days ago, I visited bhayangkari (policeman’s wife). She has a cat, and this cat is doesn’t have one of his rear leg. She said that he was born like that.. Masha Allah..

I interested to touch the cat and flatter him. But then she told me not to touch cats, they have a virus that can make our baby (if we are pregnant) defective, and autism. But I told her that the virus actually is come from the vegetable that aren’t wash cleanly and from half cooked meat. But I see her still in her opinion, and I just smile and silent.

Then..  I remember my friend’s link on her wall on facebook few days ago. The title of this article is the reason why Rasulullah really love with cat (but this article is in Indonesian). In that link the writer said that cat actually clean. They are more clean than human. Also, we still can ablution (berwudhu) by the water that have been drink by cat. 🙂

And a few days ago, I discussed this with my brother. I said to him.. “I think it’s impossible that cat has a virus, because people said that Rasulullah really loves cat (I never heard hadith about cat). There’s nothing bad and wrong of his behavior. He is the uswatun hasanah.

Like dog, do you know why dog is haram in Islam? It is because dog is full of parasite that just can be sterile by water and soil. That’s why they are haram and if we touch them we must clean it by water and soil. Islam is so perfect ♥ . Back to the cat story, because of they cleanliness makes Rasulullah said that they are house’s jewelery 😀

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Find a Job

A Few week ago, Me and my husband came to Padang just for vacation. I visited my sister, I love talk and go around with her ♥ . And also my husband’s family lives in Padang. My husband really loves his 6 months nephew.

So, what I wanna say here is, when I’m in the public transport from here to Padang – also the otherwise – I feel so uncomfortable. The smoke, crowded, the driver drive so fast and reckless 😦 . But I get the positive side from that.. I must have a car!!

I’ve been thinking about how to make money..
I though about building my own business.
Hmm.. so, what kind of business I wanna make?
I was thinking about bakery..

But two days ago, my sissy send me a message asking me about selling ice cream. That’s a good idea too. But, maybe not this time with the electric condition here.. It’s been 3 months the electric company not response our request to insert electricity here. *sigh

I wanna go there and ask about this, but this is building is not mine, the owner have spend a lot of money for this.. and the bad news is, she gave the money to the pander, not to the employee. Awww… (that’s the short story about why I pending making ice cream business 😀 )

Maybe now I’ll start to make bread first. But I still learn how to make them soft, and taste delicious.. Trial and error 😀

Please pray for me readers.. 😀

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Being a Mother..

A few days ago, I heard the lecture from Quraish Shihab about having children is a beautiful gift in family. The past days I’ve been thinking, why Allah give human (especially woman) the feeling of desire to have a baby. For some people, He suspends this gift. I call this a test.

So, Quraish Shihab said that prophets also want children. So, the feeling is completely nature. I thought this feeling is.. what can I call it.. It just feel so weak if I can’t control it.

Just positive thinking to Allah.. It must be have the moment, beautiful one 😀

Maybe I must prepare buy a car first so when Allah give me that amana, I’ll be comfortable to go anywhere with my own car, and all my business would be easy. Amen.. 😀



Bad Cats

I have a cat, named Ambe. Actually, he is my neighbor’s cat. Because he always came here everyday and I also feed him, so I claim him as my cat hohoho..

So, Ambe really love raw fish. A week ago, I bought him cat food; wiskas. But he doesn’t like it. Weird cat 😆 So, I give the wiskas to the stranger cats that lives around here. After that, the stranger cats become continue coming here. There’s three stranger cats: two of them: the mother and her dughter, I named them suja and pendek. They are thin but cute, and also coward 😆 And the third stranger cat is a cat belong to boniface near here named Kurake (KUcing oRang KEde 😆). But thin too 😆

So, yesterday I bought fresh fishes from market for lunch. I cleaned the fishes and washed them. While I washed the fishes, I give the gill to those cats. (that moment just ambe and suja) They snatch the gill so Ambe quickly grabbed one of my fish. Oh bad cat!!

At afternoon, after I finished cook the fishes, I give suja rice + wiskas. She ate very happy  I gave her much so I can gave the rest for her daughter or kurake, but she clean out the plate 😆

And that afternoon, she stole the fish i cooked.. Owh.. really bad cat!!

Today, the fish is still remain few pieces, and kurake stole one.. Waaaa…

That’s so complete! 3 cats stole 3 of my fishes

I thought, the more I love and give them food, the more greedy they are. If there’s human like that, so, they are just same like this cats.

This is Ambe ^^

This is Suja

This is her daughter; pendek

and the last, kurake 😆